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To Lash or Not to Lash: The False Eyelashes Dilemma for Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the epitome of glam, and one decision many brides grapple with is whether or not to don those fluttery lashes. At "Before I Do" Makeup & Hair, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty, and that includes offering free false eyelashes in our makeup packages. But the question remains: to lash or not to lash?

The Free False Eyelash Advantage:

Our makeup packages always include complimentary glue-on eyelashes. Why? Because we know the transformative power of lashes—they add that touch of glamour, framing your eyes for that picture-perfect gaze! It's our way of ensuring every bride feels like the belle of the ball.

Options Galore:

Brides have options when it comes to lashes. Want a long-lasting flutter? Eyelash extensions might be your thing. Prefer a more natural look? Opt for a lash tint ahead of time. While "Before I Do" doesn't offer these services, there are plenty of salons that do.

Eyelash Extensions:

Perfect for brides who want to wake up with picture-ready lashes. Extensions are meticulously applied to each lash, giving a fuller, longer look that lasts for weeks. Just ensure you get them done well in advance to allow for any adjustments and to get used to the feel.

Eyelash Tinting:

Ideal for those seeking a subtle enhancement. Tinting darkens your natural lashes, providing definition without the need for mascara. Get it done a week or two before the big day, and voilà—effortlessly enhanced lashes.

Our Take:

While we love the drama that lashes bring, it's crucial to stay true to your style. If you're not used to heavy makeup, go for a more natural lash or skip it altogether. Your wedding day is about feeling your best, and that means being comfortable in your own skin.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lashes:

- Consider Your Comfort: If you're not used to lashes, start with a natural set. You can always go bolder for the reception!

- Trial Run: Whether extensions or tinting, try it out well before the wedding to ensure you love the look.

- Coordinate with Your Makeup: Your makeup artist can guide you on lash styles that complement your chosen look.

To lash or not to lash—it's a personal choice. At "Before I Do," we're here to make you feel radiant, whether you opt for a dramatic flutter or decide to keep it au naturel. Embrace the beauty of choice and walk down the aisle with confidence, knowing you're a vision, lashes or not!

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